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Copper (Cu) is an essential trace metal found in all living organisms in the oxidized Cu(II) and reduced Cu(I) states. It is required for survival and serves as an important catalytic cofactor in redox chemistry for proteins that carry out fundamental biological functions that are required for growth and development. The average intakes of copper by human adults, vary from 0.6 to 1.6 mg/d and and the main sources are seeds, grains, nuts, and beans (concentrated in the germ and bran), shellfish and liver H. Tapiero,D.M. Townsend,K.D.Tew,2003.


Copper variability is of practical significance when it occurs in foods that are normally relied on as important sources. The major part of the essential copper enters into the human body through food and food products. Data on copper contents of food items is available in all FCDBs (CopperFCDB).