GAMA Guidelines for Assessment of Methods of Analysis

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Here's the link to XML and HTML zip files:



What is this Wiki? - An Introduction (will be removed shortly)

This Wiki system belongs to the so called Confluence Wiki, the well known Wikipedia is a media Wiki. This is the explanation for the different structures of these two Wiki systems. Media Wiki is considered to an open Wiki while the access to our confluence Wiki (as these pages) can be restricted to certain users only. This feature might be useful when the pages are under construction. When the page are ready, they can/should be opened for free access.


The content of this wiki is the results of the combined effort of 2 projects: EuroFIR and TDS-EXPOSURE. Whereas EuroFIR?s focus is on food nutrients, TDS enlarges the scope to food contaminants. This wiki-database houses an overview of analytical methods, reference materials and proficiency testing schemes that are available for the target analytes that are listed.

How to use it?

The text in blue font is a link (i.e. Velimatti Ollilainen) , [red text] is  comments only in the construction phase. I gave almost unlimited rights to this Wiki to the test group, so please feel free to test these pages, write comments, add text and sub pages, what ever you like. On the bottom of each page is also a link for comments. Just start adding the data, insert new pages and so on.

Can I transfer the data to other systems?

The material in Wiki can be transferred into other systems either as pdf files, XML, or HTML format (see this link)

Can I lose the data?

Yes, it is possible but I will backup these pages every now and then. Older versions can be restored very easily 

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Wiki format chosen

The test group chose the child page format where the main nutrient data  is in one Wiki page, and the detailed information is located in child/sub pages

Example 2 = a child page version

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Minutes of the phone conference on 18/11/2011 are below (added by Mark Roe 25/11/11) and include action points for December 2011 - January 2012. -


  • one vitamin per one wiki page under GAMA page -?
  • if one nutrient as a child page, then all data in one scrollable page (example 1), or some info to main page then all other data in another child pages (example 2)
  • or maybe have to use both of these versions depending on the amount of data/text linked to individual nutrients (maybe some nutrients have more data than the others)

Below is the one page for vitamin B1 (thiamine) as a one page version- data from Isabella's word document