Contaminants (TDS-EXPOSURE)

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These wiki pages combine relevant analytical information for conducting total diet studies. The wiki is divided into 2 main sections: "Inorganic contaminants" and "Organic contaminants". In each sections various metals and/or compounds of interested (analytes) are listed. Each analyte wiki-page houses information such as: brief description of the analyte, available analytical methods (standard method and valuable alternative), (certified) reference materials that are available, proficiency testing schemes and legislative requirements. These wiki-pages will be completed as the TDS-project progresses. There are 3 levels of analyte priority:

  • Analytes targeted in the TDS-pilot studies to be performed within WP9 (ie. , , and )
  • Top 20 analytes identified by WP as priority contaminants ( )
  • All contaminants of the priority list

More information on the TDS-EXPOSURE project can be found here or by clicking on the TDS-EXPOSURE logo on the right.